Every Sick, Disgusting Thought We've Got In Our Brain

by The Venetia Fair

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As a Christmas gift to everyone in the world for making 2013 such a fantastic year for your boys in The Venetia Fair, we've decided to make Every Sick, Disgusting Thought We've Got In Our Brain pay-whatever-the-fuck until Christmas! That's our marketing term, you can hire us at your firm for 1 billion dollars. If you don't celebrate Christmas now's the time to take advantage of those smelly Christmas celebrators by GETTING a Christmas gift without having to GIVE any! That's a good move!

This is our second full length album and it is also our favorite album. It was funded by our amazing fans through the magic of Kickstarter and we are very proud of it and them. Proud.


released March 1, 2013

All music written and performed by The Venetia Fair
All lyrics by Benny Santoro
Additional arrangement by Steve Sopchak and Jake Weinreb.

Produced by Steve Sopchak and The Venetia Fair
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Steve Sopchak at The Square Studio, in Syracuse, NY. www.thesquarestudioonline.com
Additional Recording by Mike Abiuso at SwitchBitch Studios. www.switchbitchrecords.com

Trumpet and French Horn performed by Chris Nolan
Trombone performed by Dan King
Sousaphone performed by Steve Sopchak
Xylophone performed by Jake Weinreb
Harp performed by Stephanie Babirak
Cello and violin performed by Michael Abiuso
Additional vocals performed by Michael Abiuso, Joseph Occhiuti, Steve Sopchak and Asspoop
Additional percussion by Steve Sopchak and The Venetia Fair

Artwork and Layout by Mr. Chark and The Venetia Fair
Management by Jake Weinreb at Stone Soup Management
PR by Chrissy Borsellino and Jen Appel at Catalyst Publicity Group



tags: rock Boston


all rights reserved


The Venetia Fair Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Too Late To Dream
Take on the consequence
Make up the rules and play
I was dealt a perfect hand and now I'm pissing it all away
wake up it's morning
you're still fucking nothing!
Can't you see you're too late to dream?

but maybe it's a sign
I may have lost my way
or maybe i'm just getting old
but maybe that's okay
or maybe it's a sign
that maybe i should die!
I wanna fucking die!
But I really just don't wanna have to

Still I can't complain
Just look at your young man now
I'm so ashamed
But it's too late to go home now
And I'm okay
But I'm feeling the pressure now.
Track Name: The Day I Set Them Free
It's in his brain
A clot that travelled through his veins and settled in
"And what a simple stroke of genius" he thought
To kill the part of him that's good
And feed his ego the remains
Dressed up at all the masquerades he throws himself
He wears the youth he stole from us, but he's just another crooked suit beneath tattoos

And though there's people at the wake there's no mourning to see
The sounds of empty halls seem sweeter to me
But I wake every morning to find
His legacy still haunting all of the songs I'd like to sing
So here's to the day I set them free.

But we can't escape!
We clawed and picked apart the chains we forged ourselves
'Cause he's a sad, pathetic, washed up, old, delusional, perverted, stubborn fool

Ohh! Let me set them free!
Ohh! I just needed the freedom to stand and watch as my words cave in
To bury me for

All my sins
All the roads I let you lead us down
You're mistaken
We don't owe you a single thing
'Cause you took the best of
all our years
and still I'm sorry this won't bring yours back
You're mistaken.
We don't owe you a single thing
'Cause we've got nothing left.

So here's to the day I set them free
And watch as my words cave in
To bury me in this
Track Name: (I) We Used To Worship The Moon
I'm losing control here
It's like these thoughts have a mind of their own.
The dam's not gonna hold if I can't

Get a fuckin' grip here.
It's inescapable maybe I'll drown in the questions or maybe I'll build the arc above the sea.

In clear defiance of law and science belief stands unswayed
I'm fairly certain behind the curtain's a provable divinity
A marriage of faith with the knowledge the atheists faithlessly question
I need to pull him out for all to see
'Cause I'm sick of looking for God at his home.

(Own what you know)
We used to worship the moon until we
(Pray how you'll pray)
Landed on its face and saw we spoke too soon
(Own what you know)
If he is infinite then
(Pray how you'll pray)
What could he be hiding in if that's so?

Surely ubiquity means he's in every sick, disgusting thought we've got in our brains
And I am quite sure the mind knows no bounds
It's got infinite potential
Infinite potential for pain.

So maybe he's holed up in the endless expanses of human desolation
Their fears and ambitions, their bullshit superstitions
Cracking the code means I've got to crack some skulls.
Track Name: Pride Alone Won't Put This Fire Out
I should've screamed at her
She might've woken up
It'd make a much better story than the one I've got
Because the world heard all it cares to hear about dying

She's a saint and I'm a predator
We never pra(e)y alone
The lord built me from dirt to build her out of my bones
That's how the world learned all it ever could about lying

And every song's about the young while we're decaying

I'll let you in if you've got the stomach to
watch me swallow the sea.
Because my pride alone won't put this fire out.
And it's all that ever kept me warm

I should've screamed at her
She might've smartened up
What kind of twisted conversation ends in giving up?
But then the world's heard just about enough of your whining

I'm a prick because I'm built for it
My teeth are water stones
Keeping my bayonet sharp in case these gunpowder lungs
Allow the world in just a bit too close to ignite them

And every song's about the young while we're decaying
like some uninspired cadence but baby

The scenes define our home
The crooked frames we claim
we're leaving behind
from slamming our way through these doors
The scenes define our home

Because the world's heard just about enough of your whining

I'm find as long as when they sing about the young while we're decaying
like some final fading cadence
you can hold my hand and watch me mouth the words
Track Name: (II) The Dirt Won't Keep Your Secrets
Baby, you're fine! Just try to sit still, look beautiful
I know that it's hard to forget about all the awful things that you've done
but I've blocked them out.
So I'll keep quiet and bury memories like a scared, old dog with his bone
and every single night i'll stay in while outside it starts raining
like the earth won't keep your secrets,
and they're floating up to greet us
but if the dirt won't keep your secrets then i will

'cause I know it's late but I need you here (I've gotta to be going)
The canvas will keep all those sins soaked in its thread (You've gotta move past this)
I'll paint, i'll paint you a perfect portrait and cover all those flaws I never saw
so you can't leave yet 'cause if the dirt can't keep your secrets then I won't stop

Baby I'm right, I've never been wrong to trust myself
I know it got hard, (hard to forget about all the awful things that you've done)
so you took a stab at something else.
and I kept quiet and buried memories of a sad, young man all alone
and every single night i'm painting while inside i'm still waiting for this house to feel like home

So I'll work all night
and I'll layer on the fiction with each smudged imperfect line
and i'll let the rain dig up your past
but I'm terrified of what the sky might find beneath the grass
Track Name: Only In The Morning
She's alone if only in the morning
For all her learned morality
She keeps her line drawn far beyond the innocent flirtation
A reputation for quenching every thirst for free.

My mother thinks the last one never loved me
The wisdom's stark simplicity was easy to ignore
Before I heard a few more stories
And they destroyed me
I scratched the surface 'til it bled

I shed my skin
When I got burned
I reached for the stove but I never learned
Promise me, that you're not her
And I can try to believe it
But I've seen things that I can't forget

I could barely stomach her affection
And with my stoic brevity
I never made it past her plastic pornographic accent
And i accept that
She paid to board a sinking ship
And now she's drowning thanks to me

Just a lonely girl that never learned to swim

And I know it's done
'Cause she's the only one who brought me back to shore
And she's scared
That I would drown before I ever let this go

I finally learn to swim

She's alone if only in the morning
For all her learned morality
She crossed that line for me.

I've seen some things I may never find a way to forget
Track Name: Bleeding A Stone
Watch what you say!
'Cause I swear to god I'll burn this whole thing to the ground
The luckiest vultures will choke on the ash while the rest lay down to starve without a scrap

It was an electrical fire
And I can keep a story straight

If you're gonna come for us
You'll be bleeding a stone while it rolls down hill
and if I'm gonna fail at least allow me to blame it on myself

Watch how it plays!
I almost hope you'll call my bluff and roll the dice
Like a snake eyes its prey you just watched for the chance to come slithering beneath the smoke unscathed

It was an electrical fire
I'll keep my story straight
A simple fraying of wires
I should've been more careful

Taste the soot on your tongue
It's a blizzard of all the things I was scared I'd give up on
But I'd throw myself in the fire to snuff you out.

If you're gonna come for us
The bones will have already been picked clean
And your loneliness comforts us

If you're gonna come for us
Search all you want there'll be nothing left
And your loneliness comforts us
But you'll never blame it on yourself

If I'm gonna fail, like you're certain I will, at least let me blame it on myself.
Track Name: The Sky Came Down

Call off the seasons
I wouldn't even notice the sky come down
I'm jaded and bitter, aged and regretful
Stop me, I'm sure I'm boring you

But life might just be shit that happens while you wait

Call off the rapture
God knows I'd never tire of the chance to move you
I'm starved for attention
Desperate for any sign I deserve an ounce of what I've got

And always hoping someday I'll have more

Last time we spoke you smiled past your drink just to prove that I would too.
(I couldn't wait to get you home)
And the last time I broke you ran to the streets just to prove that I would follow you down that road
And while she waited, the sky came down.

Fine I'm the problem
I must've gotten lost in your sea of offerings
When push came to struggle I watched you wallow
Stop me if I'm offending you

But life might just be shit that happens while you wait
But life isn't all we want.

I couldn't wait to get you home
And as my stomach turned
I saw the way you quaked beneath your clothes
And I tried to forget how the last time we spoke, you smiled past your drink…
Track Name: (III) Go On, Paint Me A Picture
Leave it up to me...
Before you sweat out the truth and your shirt wreaks of infidelity
You were gone long enough to miss the scabs
But you watched as the scars formed
And you stayed as they faded away
And you promised me, honestly, things would be different this time

That's why I'm singin' darlin'
Won't you lie to me tonight on the way home.
Can't you just tell me all of those things that I want to hear.
'Cause I keep on tryin' not to ask every question in my sickened head but it's hard
and oh darlin', won't you take me home and use me up, let me drive myself home?

If this wasn't a game before well we're playin' one now!
And i'm losing it, but what did you expect when you said that you broke all the rules? Tell me how did it feel?
Go on, paint me a picture, and i'll hang it over holes punched in these walls!

What did you do, baby what did he take from you?
What does your silence mean? Does it mean that he…
Track Name: (IV) The Saints Of Gomorrah
I surmised it, now it's time to exercise it
Blindly buying lies but now it's time to scrutinize it
Shhh, stop whining, why untie you while you're fighting?
Sign the dotted line so i can file your body when i've found a sign

Like the saints of Gomorrah
I can tell you're scared
But the saints, I assure you
Came to understand that
Sometimes you gotta crack a couple eggs….

Sir or madam, pardon me I'm hardly mad
I simply have to have that charming addled brain you're sporting
Gifted horses, lifted lips explored remorseless
Just a peak inside
I'm sure he's only hiding because I can see I'm onto something big…

There was a plan
Something greater at hand

There's a child in Gomorrah
Innocent and pure
Even God can't assure you'll get what you deserve!
Track Name: (V) You Never Looked Like This
I find it curious how you could think that you could walk into our house and look around and find the same pathetic man you broke when you left. Did you think I wouldn't heal? Well I'm here bandaged up like they stitched me back together.

I'm fine, come inside
Get comfortable but sleeping dogs must lie
And I've been spending all my time perfecting my finest work

But god knows I wanted to find you
'Cause I'd forgotten the color of your lips
Now that you're finally here, I swear they never looked like this
And I'm sure you've got so much to tell me
But I can barely recognize your face
Up until you left you never looked like this

I know my humors have aged in this place.
Is my blood brown within these veins?
Prematurely changing shades when its applied like carmine dye
How'd you think that you would feel
When she's here painted up like she's every perfect memory of mine.

And oh god, I barely recognize your face
My god, I was sure there was nothing more beautiful
(Oh god what happened to you) I barely recognize your face
My god, I would never have dared compare her to you
But i'm sure you never looked like this
Leave me here would you lock that door when you go.
Track Name: Puking Platitudes
I was brought to my knees by our last conversation
I was calling your bluff like you'd loaded that gun with a flag

I could not stop puking platitudes
'Cause I couldn't give you up or keep yours down
I wreaked of desperation how did you stand the smell?

And I could feel the shame I buried under all my anger
This was my last chance.
But God forbid I would show some understanding.
I'm just scared I'll be left alone

I froze.
Let the mutiny fester.
Petrified like some statue walking a plank.
'Cause I watched them chiseling.
They carved my body out of rock
then had the stones to ask I bend
to hear their accusations
I could not contest the fact that

So I'll toss and turn and find a way to overstate the way I feel
Because god forbid I would show some understanding i'm just scared That if you all leave
That I'll be left alone.
Track Name: (VI) I Could End My Search Tonight
Sleep through the noise from basement
You'll need your strength for what's to come
But I guess it's a little too late
You can't sleep off the darkness
And your pretty child remains sinless while he sleeps in your womb, unborn
What a flawless vessel

And maybe I'll see what I've wanted to see
Alive inside of you
Or maybe just see what he wants me to see
'cause what else could I do?
While she lays on her back alone in the world
I could end my search tonight

Or maybe I'll open your eyes!
Let me speak for my mother!
And everyone else you've sacrificed
But i guess it's a little too late
I can't change what has happened
But you've gotta know that he's not inside of this unborn brain
Nobody placed him, nobody forced him there

So i'll just say what you want me to say
'Cause inside I'm still you
And so I'll say what you want me to say
'Cause what else can I do?
While you sit in your lab alone in the world
You could end your search tonight
Right behind your eyes

He's alive behind your eyes...

So all of the time I have been searching and destroying this god I've been looking for's right behind my eyes?
How'd I overlook the simple way he'd

Sew what he wanted to sew
This doubt inside of me
And he'd sew what he wanted to sew
'Cause what else could he do?
While he sits on his throne alone in the world
"You could end your search tonight
concrete floors crack any skull"
I could end my search tonight….